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Meine große Liebe - Valentine 14.02.2020, 19:00 Uhr

Das perfekte Geschenk zum Valentinstag

Am 14.02.2020 erwartet Sie um 19:00 Uhr ein romantisches Kerzen-Dinner mit einem 4-Gänge-Menü.

hier können Sie die Veranstaltung direkt buchen.

Whisky Tasting inkl. 3-Gänge-Menü

Begin: 28.02.2020 19:00
Closing date: 28.02.2020 17:17

"Der Gilles hat doch schon in jeder Whisky-Blase Schottlands gesessen!" sagte neulich ein begeisterter Besucher.

Und den Eindruck vermittelt er auch absolut. Mit unterhaltsamen Geschichten rund um den Whisky, aber auch Informationen zu Herkunft, Herstellung und Lagerung taucht man mit Augen, Nase und Mund ab in die Welt dieses edlen Tropfens. Verkostet werden 6 Sorten.
Inklusive eines leckeren Drei-Gänge-Menüs ist dieses Event gleichermaßen geeignet für Einsteiger und Kenner.

Hier geht es zum Menü.

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Travel completely to the end of the road.

We have a very large and free car park with ample parking.

You’ll find us at the mountain top, right underneath the Kyffhäuser memorial which is the landmark of the Kyffhäuser Mountains. With its around 60.000 square kilometres this is the smallest low mountain range in Germany. The memorial in the very north of Thuringia is a popular destination with about 200.000 visitors every year.

On cloudless days you can enjoy a magnificent view from the tower top which is 247 steps high, over the ranks of the floodplains (“Goldene und Diamantene Aue“). You can also see the treetops of the forests of Thuringia and the Harz from there.
At the more than 400 meter high ridge you can find the remains of the medieval “Reichsburg Kyffhausen” (fortress of the empire Kyffhausen) which used to be one of the biggest and most powerful fortresses during the dominion of the “Staufen”. A point of interest at the “Reichsburg Kyffhausen” is Europe’s deepest fortress wall, which is 176 meters deep.
Among the remains of the upper and lower fortress is the you will find the Kaiser-Wilhelm National Memorial which was built (1890 – 1896) in memory of the empire’s founder.

The “Burghof” (former courtyard of the fortress) has been neglected during the last 15 years, but in February 2004 the restoration of the territory, the restaurant and the harborage started. Until 2007 the magnificent “Wappensaal” (emblem hall), the restaurant with the kitchen area, the wine parlor, the “Barbarossasaal” (Barbarossa hall), the “Jagdstube” (hunting hall) and the harborage complex are supposed to appear in the oldfashioned, historical look but with a very modern gastronomic infrastructure.
Right in the first construction period we were able to develop gastronomic supply and thus reopened the “Sommerwirtschaft” (Summer restaurant).

We are pleased to deliver insight into the newest developments and the ones to come when you visit us.
The “Großer Saal” (Big Hall) for example gives the possibility to arrange events with up to 550 guests (including house-made catering) and enough space for a stage and dancing!

We’d love to see you soon at the “Burghof Kyffhäuser Denkmalwirtschaft”,
Your “Burghof Kyffhäuser Denkmalwirtschaft” since 1891
Catrin Auerbach

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