…is the architectural focus of the monumental composition and is surrounded by three terraces. The lower terrace, the "Ringterrasse" welcomes the visitors and gives them an overall impression. Behind the three impressive, mighty and compact round arches you will find the "Barabarossahof" (court yard of Barbarossa) with the sleeping "Barbarossafigur" (statue of Barbarossa).

A tower that is 57 metre high rises from the Middle-terrace. Its quadratic floor plan has - without the base - a side length of 20 metres. The lower part of the preliminary ledge has plastic decoration, for example war-furies and snakes.

The banner of the upper ledge contains all states that united 1871 and formed the German Empire. The architectural ending of the tower is the imperial-crown. It is worth to climb the 247 steps to the tower top to enjoy the panoramic view from the Kyffhäuser-Mountains to the Harz and the Forrest of Thuringia. The view is one of a kind.

Data and Facts

Total height of the Memorial   81 metres 
Height of tower  57 metres 
Total weight  62.5 million kilograms  
Length of all steps (added up)  2.5 kilometres 
Heights of the crown  6.6 metres
Diameter of crown  3.5 metres 
Heaviest used stone  6000 kilograms 
Total costs  1 452 241.37 Mark 

For the Memorial to be built it took as many stones needed to build a city with a population of 5 000 people.

The Statue of Barbarossa

The artistic arrangement of the east-side of the tower is defined by the Statue of Barbarossa and of the Horseman Statue. "Kaiser Friedrich I. Barbarossa" (Emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa) sits in a recess in the lower part of the tower. The sculptor Nicolas Geiger displays the Emperor as the observer knows him from the legend. His long beard alludes to the century-long sleep in the Kyffhäuser-mountain. Did he just wake up and wink at us? Come and look for yourself.

Technical Details

Construction-material:  Sandstone from Edersleben 
Heights:  6.50 metres 


The Horseman-Statue

The monumental Horseman-Statue of Wilhelm I. with its two side-statues arises above the just awakening and rising "Hohenstaufenkaiser Barbarossa" (Emperor Barbarossa of Hohenstaufen). Wilhelm I. is riding on a horse into the country. Not portrayed as the Emperor but as the commander, he is wearing the military uniform and piked helmet. The right side-statue, a Germanic warrior, is known as a symbol for the power of the army and stands for the war. The left side-statue, a woman personifies history.

Technical Details

Material:  Copper plates, 2-3 millimetres thick 
Height of the horseman:  9.7 metre
Circumference of the horse-belly:  6.85 metres 
Heights of the warrior:  4.82 metres 
Heights of the woman:  5.2 metres 
Total weight of copper and iron  17 100 kilograms 


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