…is for private guests, groups, families, companies, clubs, schools, and public facilities.

For all our guests we have individual offers, arranged for the different needs.
- Individual guests, families and small groups use our “Jagdzimmer” (Hunt-Room) where they can choose from a cake buffet or choose an entrée from our menu.
You may reserve a table or you can book the whole room for smaller events.
- The “Jagdzimmer” (Hunt-Room) is excellent for smaller events like company parties, club meetings or family events. Up to 40 people can be served.

- We also arrange individual menus and buffets for all kind of events. The food, including the deserts is prepared by our team in our modern and high-capacity kitchen. We don’t serve convenience foods or non-home-made cake.

- For tourist parties with more than 40 people the “Großer Saal” (Big Hall) presents an excellent facility where our guests can choose from our menu and our variety of cakes. Of course the food, including the deserts which are served in the “Großer Saal” (Big Hall) are also home-made in our modern and high-capacity kitchen.

To guarantee the perfect service it would be advisable to inform us about your wishes and to make a reservation, also on short notice. Please use our contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible to talk about your ideas and wishes, according to the budget you want to spend.

- The “Big Hall” (Großer Saal) as well as the “Wappensaal” (emblem-hall – the former Easthall) will also hold larger events with up to 650 guests. In this case we do need a reservation with sufficient time in advance.

- The supporting program for smaller and larger events, like music, dancing, show-program we coordinate with you according to your wishes and the determined budget. Please let us know in advance if you need additional equipment for presentations, lectures, etc.
- The “Big Hall” (Großer Saal) is also accessible for Motorcycles, cars and technical equipment (Kleintechnikgeräte). Therefore it is usable for company or product presentations. In this case we also need a reservation with sufficient time in advance.
- During summer (and in adequate weather) we also offer our guests our facility in the garden. Of course you can reserve seats for you for special events like Easter, Ascension Day or Pentecost.
- For afternoon events we offer our modern and high-capacity coffee bar. Every single cup of our numerous coffee varieties is freshly prepared for you. We only use the best grade coffee – at an unbelievably low price.

We would never serve stale or powdered coffee to our guests. Of course only the best grade and freshly prepared coffee is good enough for our freshly baked, home-made cakes.

- Evening events and dances are also possible; we would love to arrange such an event for you. If you contact us, we will talk about your wishes and our possibilities. Please also contact us, if you have further wishes. Spontaneous visits by travel groups are welcomed but we do also take reservations. We also arrange guided tours to the memorial (entrance fee including) and visits to the other attractions of our area.

At arrival please use the parking lot at the end of the Stichstraße which leads to the memorial.
Parking is free for our guests.

No matter if you are just interested, travellers or event managers: please contact us. You can call (phone: 034651 45 22 2), fax (034651 45 41 0) or use the contact form in the internet.
We will answer your questions either per phone, fax or e-mail as soon as possible.
For special customers, partners or for big events you will have access to our “Extranetbereich” (Extranet area). At demand we will inform you about the advantages of this extra feature.

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