- Königspfalz in Tilleda (C): the only completely excavated Königspfalz (fortress-alike base of the king) of Otto des Großen (Otto I the Great); 974-1042 used by Otto II, 1174 Friedrich I. Barbarossa

Rosarium in Sangerhausen (F): Largest European rose collection, Centennial year-celebration in 2003, 2000-2003: completed and enlarged; about 40 different rose classes; about 7000 wild rose species, 500 "Kulturrosen" species, 6500 roseplants, 60.000 bushes on 15.000 square metres exhibition and garden area.

Castle Allstedt (G): located in a well wooded, scenic environment east of the "Goldene Aue" (floodplains), one of the most historic places of interest in the south of Saxony-Anhalt.

word largest model railway located in Wiehe (H): Several halls filled with models from TT to garden railway and HO. 12.000 square metres exhibition area with the Harz in 400 square metres, the Harz railway, the Brocken railway, ICE railway tracks, USA from East to West (world largest indoor Garden railway system), HO-System "Travel with the Orient-Express", among others.

- located at the old "Salzstraße" (Salt Street), on the south slope of the Kyffhäuser Mountains is the health resort Bad Frankenhausen. Its church (Oberkirche) has a leaning Tower (I) (3,80 metre) which is the most aslope tower in Germany. Other attractions are the "Fliederfest" and the second largest mountain-run-event of Thuringia.
Panoramamuseum (J): with the monumental painting of W. Tuebke "Frühbürgerliche Revolution in Deutschland" with a length of 123 metres and a height of 14 metres (largest panorama painting of the world)
Kyffhaeuser Therme Bad Frankenhausen (K): Wellness oasis – medicinal brine from Bad Frankenhausen

Geopark Barbarossahöhle (Cave) (L): largest gypsum cave in Europe; restoration finished in Spring 2004; 800 metres have been made accessible for public, 600 metres are walkable

Adventure mine Sondershausen (N): largest and deepest underground concert hall (Guinness Book of World Records); about 700 metres underground, different events, annual happening cross race (bicycle); this highly modern facility is in business since 2000. Deepest point: 1.050 metres!
Castle Sondershausen (O): in 2004: Thüringer Landesausstellung (National exhibition of Thuringia), restored

- City Nordhausen: 2004: Thüringer Landesausstellung (National exhibition of Thuringia),
- Excursion, swim and sailing region storage lake Kelbra (Q), very popular among motor-cyclists, several events during the year.

Day Excursions are possible to Kassel, Göttingen, Braunschweig, Hannover, Herzberg, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Halle, Erfurt and more cities, as well as the Harz in the North-West and the Thüringer Wald (Thuringian Forrest) in the South.

The Kyffhäuser is very central among these excursion destinations, less than 30 kilometers away from each city mentioned above. More information is accessible at the Tourismusverband Kyffhäuser e.V. 

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